Week 24 – Service

I am in the Service of others.  I think I should just stop the writing here….

But that’s just not like me.  🙂

service-of-othersI have always found myself ‘In the Service’, for those who have never been in the military, this is how soldiers refer to their time in the ‘Military Service’.  I knew when I entered the military that this was a good thing.  Being in the service of my community, my country, my fellow citizens… others was something I was born to do.  What I was to young to realize was that this service to others was not restricted to just being in the Military.

All my life has ben focused around being able to help others, finding the vehicle that would allow me to continue complete this service while still providing for my family has been a part of the journey.  As i progressed on this path I learned that although I may find the greatest possible vehicle to do achieve this need to provide, I had very little framework to objectively decide if the vehicle presented was one that met my Definiteness of Purpose; mostly because I had not identified that Purpose clearly.

What I still knew is that my desire to help and willingness to serve was not diminishing.  As faith would have it and working constructively towards fulfilling this goal I was introduced to the MKE and was able to find that frame work.

service of othersNow I am taking the framework and the skills and going out and using them.  I have no doubt to my success, (and that’s not ego talk).  I have complete knowledge that the skills this self-directed  learning program has given me are effective as they are from within me.  We are all capable of doing anything, just not capable of doing everything,

The idea of service is quoted and talked to in almost every theology and doctrine there is, yet we resist this simple reality.  Dali Lama IF we all spent a little more time in the service of others and a little less time the the service of our own self indulgent behaviours, we would achieve far greater success.  

So I will let others always say it better: Maya Angelou


Give more – Get More, this is the epiphany that many have heard and so few understand.  Become truly Self – reliant and self-directed.  This does not take a large amount of effort, it actually take less effort than trying not to.

Have a listen to the video, as it truly expresses an simple fact that all of us are aware of, yet we forget to practice.  listen for it “…when you help others succeed, you yourself succeed…”


Week 22A – Reflection in Short Silences

I had an interesting week of reflection.  No great long messages today.  I have been in overdrive at work and have been putting in the extra time with my Soccer Team.  Tournament this weekend.Unknown

So back to reflection.  I had a number of challenges to take on, in the renewed realm of my work and many new projects to boot; however, i have been wanting to take the time review.  So I had decided to try and book a day.  Well; not so successful, so I’ll book an evening; didn’t happen….Frustrating.  As of today, I have been able to achieve 2 hours unplanned.  Here is the great news, in those two hours of quiet and direct reflection, I was able to really enjoy what I was seeing.  First, I went into the silence with a great positive attitude toward doing it and my week so far.

self reflectionWhat I found in my quiet moments of self reflection, was truly elevating, because of the attitude I entered into reflection I received so much more back and really felt it as a turning point.

I have enjoyed an incredible turn around in behaviour and life since I embarked upon my journey with the MKE, not because of the material provided or the exercises expected, not even the individual people and guides; it’s because of all of them combined.  That said it would not be of any value if I did not take on my role of the “Self-Directed” person; for all the information has always been there, within me, I had not until now chosen to take the Journey.


What validates this journey has been the self-reflection, I do not believe I could have grown without it.  So enjoy the Ted Talk and ask yourself, “What will be your Legacy?”

Week 22 – Emotional Tools?

Well this was probably the last thing I thought I would write about so many years ago.  As a soldier I believe I was probably conditioned to be less than emotional about situations, however, I have never really put much thought into, until recently, the ability to use emotions as a tool.  Through the MKMMA Course we have experienced and been introduced to such great concepts.  The fact that this advice was so effective for me this last week, I felt strongly about writing about it.  We focus on 5 Components:

  • FEAR


1. a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc.,whether the threat is real or imagined;

2.  a specific instance of or propensity for such a feeling:

3.  concern or anxiety; solicitude:

4.  reverential awe, especially toward God:

5.  something that causes feelings of dread or apprehension;

6.  anticipation of the possibility that something unpleasant will occur:

Fear is one of the strongest of these tools; however, it comes with the need for hard mental labor to overcome the ‘imagined’ threat.

Why do I consider it the strongest tool, because it carries with it an enormous amount of energy; and should you see the strength in that you will also see the focus it provides.  Think about this, when we are in ‘Real Fear’, i.e. imminent harm, we become instantly laser focused.  We quickly gather the necessary information, gather the parameters of the field of concern and define our response and action plan.  Just that alone is awe inspiring.  We can use this same process any time we want. we already own it and have perfected it all our life.  The problem is that we have never realized how this tool we own works, until now.

So FEAR should now be seen as ‘concentration and focus’ perhaps with mix of imagination.



2.  a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offence, crime, wrong,etc., whether real or imagined.
3.  conduct involving the commission of such crimes, wrongs, etc.:
Guilt can be seen as self directed anger.  With this anger carries the energy for change.  When looked at form within, guilt validates that we have a spiritual compass and that it is working.


1.  a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong;wrath;
3.  grief;
Anger is a power tool, it bring the focus into play.  When we are angry we tend towards productivity focus.
Anger and Guilt can be partnered together, in some cases, guilt is anger turned inwards.

Hurt Feelings

Essentially when we have hurt feelings it is an acknowledgement that ‘We Care’

Bruce Lee


Is really a cool guide.  Feelings of unworthiness serve to keep us on our true path; it is the guide inside us all that just says hey, you’re straying off the path, get back to the direction you need to be going.  Considerate the compass needle, always telling you what direction you are headed; when your going in an off directions it sounds off and lets your know.

The Mix

So how does this all work, this week I have felt a little off course, both at work (THE J.O.B.) and the business; and of course I felt a l little unworthy of the responsibilities placed on me In both. Which made me feel guilty for taking on so much, and angry that I was not living up to the responsibilities that I know I am capable of fulfilling.  Together all these made me feel a little fearful of the repercussions of failing…..

Here lies  the gold.  The fear started to get me focused, the harm is imminent in the JOB, just yesterday a friend and colleague was walked out for lack of performance.  (I work in a high paced, team environment, where all members must work diligently and effectively as individuals and as teams, or the tasks just don’t get completed.  Timeliness  and Innovation is a cornerstone and is very important to the companies reputation).  So back to the gold, the anger helped me focus as it was directed inside.  So with the focus, a clearer picture of what I needed to produce and a rapid time appreciation, I set out a plan of achievement, and commenced to go to work.  While a few ‘Other’ things got sent my way I just took them in stride and continually reassessed my needs and plan to accomplish the bigger picture.  Peers and Managers, instead of working around came without request to my support, and clear the path of obstacles for me. What started out as a off week has finished with a great many personal accomplishments and gratitude given to me by way of the ‘Master Mind’.  It amazed me, not that I focused and really took some large bites out of projects that I am working on, but all the gratitude and support that just showed up to assist without request.  So  I can only realize that the difference this week was the use of Emotions as Tools really came together to show me their value in a way that I had never overtly noticed.  WILD!

Dale Carnagie


Week 21- There is still Hope… For all of us

So where to start….

We all wish for hope in all things, however, we often are unwilling to commit to a lengthy, disciplined regime for development to achieve those things.  We “Hope” that some mystical magical force will come to our rescue and complete the tasks for us without the need to focus and be disciplined.  The question were left to struggle with is why this is the case.  We know its what we want, but staying the way we are is easy; to just say I’ll do a little more “next time”.  We create excuses to not do the simple steps we need to do to change the behaviour from a “Bad Habit” to a “Good Habit”.  I am no different, so again, Why?

These habits we have good or bad form our personal comfort zone and we are creatures of comfort.  These behaviours all together form our “Blueprint”.  As we work to change these behaviours we transform to a new blueprint.  The resistance to commit to this change is the essential definition of our “Old Blueprint” fighting for survival.

quote-to-abstain-from-the-enjoyment-which-is-in-our-power-or-to-seek-distant-rather-than-immediate-nassau-william-senior-79-29-08This weeks read was exceptionally liberating for me, mostly because it gave me hope.  So I hope to impart some of that hope onto you, my friends.  So onwards and upwards….  These are the some expect sections for Haanel in which i found my inspirations.

21-8. When we realize these facts concerning mind we understand how we may bring ourselves any condition by creating the corresponding conditions in our consciousness, because everything which is held for any length of time in the consciousness, eventually becomes impressed upon the subconscious and thus becomes a pattern which the creative energy will wave into the life and environment of the individual.

21-9. In this way conditions are produced and we find that our lives are simply the reflection of our predominant thoughts, our mental attitude; we see then that the science of correct thinking is the one science, that it includes all other sciences.

This for me put the frame work into the “why” for all the personal development I have been working toward these last while.  But it gets even more hopeful.

21-17. Do not hesitate to aspire to the highest possible attainments in anything you may undertake, for the mind forces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will in the effort to crystallize its highest aspirations into acts, accomplishments, and events.

21-18. An illustration of how these mind forces operate is suggested by the method in which all our habits are formed. We do a thing, then do it again, and again, and again, until it becomes easy and perhaps almost automatic; and the same rule applies in breaking any and all bad habits; we stop doing a thing, and then avoid it again, and again until we are entirely free from it; and if we do fail now and then, we should by no means lose hope, for the law is absolute and invincible and gives us credit for every effort and every success, even though our efforts and successes are perhaps intermittent.

21-19. There is no limit to what this law can do for you; dare to believe in your own idea; remember that Nature is plastic to the ideal; think of the ideal as an already accomplished fact.

These three passages were truly inspiring especially the boldface type of 21-18; can you believe it; even if were not perfect, it still works, just keep working toward the desired aspiration and you will succeed.  Really it sounds to good to be true.  For evidence of the truth on an imperfect journey and positive development, I can look to my own blog to see the changes and the habits that have created those positive behaviours.  Be mindful that it was not achieved alone, i have had the greatest support on the path, my wife, boys, friends and family, (that includes my MKMMA Family too).  So to everyone i say thanks for all the kind words and all the faith, i will not waste it and I will continue to put it to good use, even in my own imperfect way.

So here is a Tedx by Daniel Goldstein, its a neat idea.

Week 20 – 20 Words

20 words I’ve  choose to describe my personal development  and changes during my experience of the MKE (Master Keys Experience). I’ve thought perhaps some good words to ponder on and reflect for everyone in their own pursuits.


1. an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply:
2. overflowing fullness:
3. affluence; wealth:




1. the act, power, or property of attracting.
2. attractive quality; magnetic charm; fascination; allurement; enticement:
3. a person or thing that draws, attractsallures, or entices.
4. a characteristic or quality that provides pleasure; attractive feature:
When we refer to the Laws of Attraction, what are we doing each day to reflect positively on this law.  To bridge my gap from where I was and where I am now; I was introduced to the 7 Day mental diet to start with.  I have found this to be a valuable tool for all my daily activity.


1. manner of behaving or acting.
2. the action or reaction of any material under given circumstances:

3. Psychology,

  1. the aggregate of responses to internal and external stimuli 


1. a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc.
2. something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle,contest, special effort, etc.
3. a call to fight, as a battle, a duel, etc.
4. a demand to explain, justify, etc.
5. difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.


Compass on MapDefiniteness of Purpose a clear,determined, precise plan with and exact desired outcome defined as it very nature.  If you are unaware of what this means or wish to develop this for yourself, this is one of the many things I have learned to create and manifest into my life during the study of Master Key Experience.


1. clearly defined or determined; not vague or general; fixed; precise; exact:
2. having fixed limits; bounded with precision:
3. positive; certain; sure:
4. defininglimiting.



1. the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge,developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.
2. the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession.
3. a degree, level, or kind of schooling:
4. the result produced by instruction, training, or study:
5. the science or art of teaching; pedagogics.


verb (used with object)educed, educing.
1. to draw forth or bring out, as something potential or latent; elicit ;develop.
2. to infer or deduce.
A word I was introduced to during the MKE by Mark J.  It is the true word to describe that which we pass of as education.  The words although not that dissimilar, are vastly different in their meanings.  I like the idea of drawing out from within over the other, directed instruction version.


1. a feeling or state of great joy or pride; exultant gladness; high spirits.

2 - a33634a02daf706b6368804192cc8882frustration

1. act of frustratingstate of being frustrated.
2. an instance of being frustrated.
3. something that frustratesas an unresolved problem.
4. a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety or depression, resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems.
This is an emotion and feeling that I have consistently battled with; Am i doing it right, am I understanding the material?  All this has been made easier to answer and get through because to the guides and the MMA partners I have been able to share the struggles and triumphs with.


1. the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.



1. an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary:
2. customary practice or use:
3. a particular practice, custom, or usage:
4. a dominant or regular disposition or tendency; prevailing character or quality:
5. addiction, especially to narcotics (often preceded by the).
6. mental character or disposition: a habit of mind.


nounplural heroes; for 5 also heros.
1. a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.
2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal:
3. the principal male character in a story, play, film, etc.


1. the act or process of idealizing something.
2. Psychoanalysis. a mental mechanism, operating consciously or unconsciously, in which one person overestimates an admired attribute of another.
I think we often take this and do it without purpose.  We are unsure of what we are idealizing because we have not focused on what it is we actually want.  So although we go into the focused though, we manifest exactly what we focused our thought on, just tuns out it was not want we really wanted or most often, the opposite of what we ‘wished’ for, as it was what we were focused on.


1. the state or quality of being real.
2. resemblance to what is real


What we focus on, is what we create or manifest into our ‘reality’.  Why, because it is what we focused on


1. the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor
2. soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment
4. vigor; vitality:


Whole perfect strongspirituality

nounplural spiritualities.
1. the quality or fact of being spiritual.
2. incorporeal or immaterial nature.
3. predominantly spiritual character as shown in thought, life, etc.;spiritual tendency or tone.
4. Often, spiritualitiesproperty or revenue of the church or of an ecclesiastic in his or her official capacity.


Dreams without Actionsynergy

nounplural synergies.
1. the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions,etc.; synergism.


Probably my favourite word, it just sounds cool, let alone has a great meaning.  the bottom line, “the whole is greater than the sum its parts”, 2+2=5.


1. state or quality of being vigilantwatchfulness:



Whe you Dont even tryvisualize

verb (used without object)visualized, visualizing.
1. to recall or form mental images or pictures.
verb (used with object)visualized, visualizing.
2. to make visual or visible.
3. to form a mental image of.
4. to make perceptible to the mind or imagination.



1. a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning. Words are composed of one or more morphemes and are either the smallest units susceptible of independent use or consist of two or three such units combined under certain linking conditions, as with the loss of primary accent that distinguishes black·bird· from black· bird·. Words are usually separated by spaces in writing, and are distinguished phonologically, as by accent, in many languages.

3. words.

  1. speech or talk: to express one’s emotion in words;
    Words mean little when action is called for

So for fun I have given 20 words on which to ponder for week 20 of my blog.  For each word we may find a different meaning to us in our experiences.  There is not a right or wrong, just words for you to ponder.  I have used most of these words somewhere in my blog often as a thesis point or a delivery method, in hopes of showing with clarity how these words mean to me.  For each of us the journey is different and with different experiences which influence our understandings.

As we reviewed our growth and changes in these last few weeks, I have found a new synergy, and know that doing only some things and not others would not have resulted in the growth or circumstances I find myself in today.



Week 19 – The Second Part….

To those who follow my blog, you should recognize the video.  It was attached to last weeks blog as well.  this week I have decided to continue on from my last weeks work and look at my situation a little more critically.  Paul in the Tedx Talk describes “The 5 Steps to Freedom”; I want to look at these steps in comparison to the journey I find myself on today.  The Talk obviously resonated with me not only because of the genuineness of the speaker, but the obstacles he overcame to achieve his freedom.  In essence is that not what we all want, all dream about… Freedom?

So here is the video again if you didn’t watch it, take the opportunity now.

Paul’s “5 Steps to Freedom”


A quick definition before we start:


1.  the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint:
2.  exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
3.  the power to determine action without restraint.
4.  political or national independence.
5.  personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery
6.  exemption from the presence of anything specified
7.  the absence of or release from ties, obligations, etc.
8.  ease or facility of movement or action
9.  frankness of manner or speech.
10.  general exemption or immunity:  freedom from taxation.
11.  the absence of ceremony or reserve.
12.  a liberty taken.

13.  a particular immunity or privilege enjoyed

14.  civil liberty, as opposed to subjection to an arbitrary or despotic government.
15.  the right to enjoy all the privileges or special rights of citizenship, membership, etc., in community or the like.
16.  the right to frequent, enjoy, or use at will
17.  Philosophy. the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without; autonomy; self-determination.  Compare necessity (def 7).


Freedom can mean any one of these or several of the definitions, you decide for yourself.  (I’m partial to 2 & 17 in this case).

My take on where I am at in my quest for Freedom.


I think we can all agree and as I mentioned last week we are all born free, born into greatness.  From there the decisions we make and the life choices we follow bring us to where we are now.  Where we are at today is irrelevant in the greater plan of things; however, knowing where we are at is extremely critical.  Its not double speak.  Wherever you are, you are, enough said.  Knowing where you are is the most important part to starting off on any journey.  (if you did’t know where you were on a map, but you had a destination in mind, how could you decide which direction to take to get the destination?)

For me I am in the only now starting to ‘really’ take stock of the position I’m in.  I know now where I am as a person, a citizen, a father, husband and most importantly a servant.  All these terms will have different meanings for each of us, so its best to know yours as they apply to you and your situation.


Really it should come as no surprise that the first step in breaking out of our current situation is that we must choose to do so and it doesn’t end there.  If we understand that staying in the known, (the situation we are currently in), is easier; then breaking into new ground, (where we want to go), is harder.  If we stay where we are, there exists no need to commit to the goals of the desired singe, we accept no responsibility and we continue to exist.  However, to accomplish this change we must motivate ourselves by how badly we wish to change.  Do we truly want to become the new person we envision.

if yes, then we hit the first threshold, do we see change as impossible and disappointment as inevitable? or Do we truly commit to the possibility?  If this is true then we need to identify WHY we want to change for our own reason, not for other peoples reason.  (Not to please a loved one, a parent, a mentor or community leader, not to be recognized for outward compensation or recognition), it has to be for ourselves and within ourselves.

Wanting the change is not enough, it takes action.  the actions are the direct activity required to achieve the change, be exercise or business activity for spiritual growth, the required actions must be preformed and committed to by ourselves for ourselves, otherwise it is not form with in and not sustainable.

For me I have begun to see the actions that I must commit to, up to this point I have not truly answered the call of my herald to my “Hero’s Journey” (Spoke about the journey in Week 17 HJ Post, video only https://www.youtube.com/embed/yZxs_jGN7Pg?rel=0” target=”_blank”>Here .  One of the requirements for me over the next week is to reconnect to my primary service to others.  I will not try to direct this service which is believe the unsustainable factor in ht e recent past.


Dreams without Action


We need to take steps that reduce the gap between where we are and where we want to be.  Again knowing where we are at is critical.  If we don’t act quickly to start the escape, then change will seem beyond your reach; so to beat this you must get specific about what you want to do, not how you are going to do it.  The specifics of how you’re going to do it come about for the actions you take to commit to the change.  This also means clearly specified goals, (the SMART acronym is a good starting point, Specific, Measurable, {stick partial completion, mid, 3/4 and 90% markers to measure your accomplishment to these goals, Achievable, Realistic, (losing a 100 lbs in three days is neither achievable nor realistic), Time Oriented, (as with measurable, stick a specific fixed date and time to do each action and to assess each previously assessed measuring point).  Whether you hot the measuring points on time, early or late is irrelevant, as you achieve them you will have learned, changed and Achieved Success on the path to your Purpose.

Your purpose can not be vague, to set a vague purpose set us up to believe we have done enough when in fact we have not,

What we do right now is what allow us to focus on achieving your purpose for change.

I have a clear Definiteness of Purpose, set achievements I wish to see, and service I continue to be committed to.  I must make more measurable specific partial markers so keep myself in the know… to remain committed to the change I must remind myself of my growth.


Whe you Dont even try

To achieve your purpose, you must welcome any obstacles, (objections), you encounter.  Conquering obstacles is the legacy to help you to fight for your freedom.  Fighting through these obstacles is how we develop our capacity for change.  The struggle gives us the “Will Power” to make our purpose happen.

The will power and discipline are achieved through practice and application, you are not born with or without this capacity, you develop it though action and activity.  Together they help us develop “Tenacity”.  The fights best won are those fought with Allies.  Remember the MMA, (Master Mind Alliance), this is two or more people working together toward a common focus.

I find myself in the first stage of my three stage rocket, (Thanks Brad for a great analogy).  I have begun to see the changes in behaviour and effort, I have begun to take action.  My will power and discipline are not yet a matter of routine and I must keep to these in order to break free.  So as the sub-title says, I will fight for my freedom.


“it’s a journey not and event!”

The price of freedom is on going, it does not end with the achievement of the stated purpose.  If your purpose has been achieved, you now need to continue to recognize and avoid the “innocent / easy” choices that put us back into our old behaviours.  Continue to use the positive responses to the obstacles we have and will encounter.   Realize that we will have times of weakness and poorly made decisions, however, these do not define us.  How we recover and pick ourselves up from these determine how we carry on each time.  We all have this capacity.  We are all connected as Haanel says to the Universal Mind.

For me I will state, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

Whole perfect strongLate Note:  To Mark J, I read your Week 18 blog just now and wanted to say thanks.  As i read the blog it really helped me identify where I am and some sticking points I have struggled with personally, ones that without you, Davene, Trish Marea and the staff at MKE, identifying them I would not have seen until some time later.  It was reassuring and trust building to be reaffirmed that this is not just “Some Course”, it’s a Journey of self discovery with great friends and an in-tune group of guides.  Truly and MKMMA Experience.

Week 18 – What do You Call Education?

The path is never clear at first.  We see things how we are ‘taught’ or ‘ learn through experience’.  The saddest part of the experience part is that it was gained through jaded eyes.  The eyes guided by the very people who we grew up around, the society we grew up in and the conditions that are implied by those influences.  It is the rare occasion that one gets the opportunity to change this.  The great theologies of the world as we know teach that we are born into greatness, we are free to choose our destiny….  THEN along comes society, ‘teachers’ (our conformity educators) not truly a teacher by definition and the ‘rules’ as according to those who would tell us what they are.

Is free thought still a part of our belief or are we in a societal prison?

‘Education’ coming from the the latin word ‘Educo’ or ‘Educe’


1.  the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge,developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.
2.  the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for profession.
3.  a degree, level, or kind of schooling:  a university education.
4.  the result produced by instruction, training, or study:  to show one’s education.
5.  the science or art of teaching; pedagogics.


verb (used with object)educed, educing.
1.  to draw forth or bring out, as something potential or latent; elicit; develop.
2.  to infer or deduce.



  1. lead out; draw up; bring up; rear

Even in our own definitions, these words although of the same origin have such varied meaning that it is of no wonder that we have suffer greatly the dilemma of telling rather than educing.  Conformity over freedom, rules over free thought.

Change-Quote 10 yearsI left the idea of formal education at 16 and went to the Military, not to escape but it was a regimented environment that gave opportunity and ‘Mentorship’; the idea of mentored leadership was enticing.  As I progressed in my career and earned leadership roles mentorship was a part of the career progression.  Then times seemed to change, the mentorship became more replaced by the ideals of formal career education courses and career management.

Although this was the case at the time, it provided opportunities to attend the next phase.  I returned to formal education to earn degrees and move forward.  This again was not the school of free thought I had hoped it would be.  University was actually the school of regurgitation of dogma and reiteration of the thoughts of ‘Educators’ who were mostly interested in the puffing their egos.  I learned a great many things and found that in the forest there are trees that just stand out.  I had the occasion of sharing time with a handful of true educators and peers who still held the ideal of educing the ability of the student to think freely and openly discuss the subjects of the day.  These rare birds made the trials of higher education most worthwhile.

Action Changes ThingsAs I ‘sat’ in my thinking this week it occurred to me that MKE and the MMA have truly helped me to link the connection between the two, ‘formally’.  Mark J spoke of the freedom you feel only when you break through and find your Dharma.  I continue to work to this goal.  I see a little more each day and am so grateful to have the opportunity to do so.

Please see this video and listen to this exceptional transition.