Week 22A – Reflection in Short Silences

I had an interesting week of reflection.  No great long messages today.  I have been in overdrive at work and have been putting in the extra time with my Soccer Team.  Tournament this weekend.Unknown

So back to reflection.  I had a number of challenges to take on, in the renewed realm of my work and many new projects to boot; however, i have been wanting to take the time review.  So I had decided to try and book a day.  Well; not so successful, so I’ll book an evening; didn’t happen….Frustrating.  As of today, I have been able to achieve 2 hours unplanned.  Here is the great news, in those two hours of quiet and direct reflection, I was able to really enjoy what I was seeing.  First, I went into the silence with a great positive attitude toward doing it and my week so far.

self reflectionWhat I found in my quiet moments of self reflection, was truly elevating, because of the attitude I entered into reflection I received so much more back and really felt it as a turning point.

I have enjoyed an incredible turn around in behaviour and life since I embarked upon my journey with the MKE, not because of the material provided or the exercises expected, not even the individual people and guides; it’s because of all of them combined.  That said it would not be of any value if I did not take on my role of the “Self-Directed” person; for all the information has always been there, within me, I had not until now chosen to take the Journey.


What validates this journey has been the self-reflection, I do not believe I could have grown without it.  So enjoy the Ted Talk and ask yourself, “What will be your Legacy?”


3 thoughts on “Week 22A – Reflection in Short Silences

  1. Terrence G Neraasen

    Well said Chris. This habit of seeking the silence is becoming something I look forward to. I get a dose of self reflection as I go through my mountain of flash cards as well as when I talk to the Guy in the Glass. I’m pleased for you that you have seen such great progress and that you recognize it. Those around you will validate that I am sure.



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