Week 24 – Service

I am in the Service of others.  I think I should just stop the writing here….

But that’s just not like me.  🙂

service-of-othersI have always found myself ‘In the Service’, for those who have never been in the military, this is how soldiers refer to their time in the ‘Military Service’.  I knew when I entered the military that this was a good thing.  Being in the service of my community, my country, my fellow citizens… others was something I was born to do.  What I was to young to realize was that this service to others was not restricted to just being in the Military.

All my life has ben focused around being able to help others, finding the vehicle that would allow me to continue complete this service while still providing for my family has been a part of the journey.  As i progressed on this path I learned that although I may find the greatest possible vehicle to do achieve this need to provide, I had very little framework to objectively decide if the vehicle presented was one that met my Definiteness of Purpose; mostly because I had not identified that Purpose clearly.

What I still knew is that my desire to help and willingness to serve was not diminishing.  As faith would have it and working constructively towards fulfilling this goal I was introduced to the MKE and was able to find that frame work.

service of othersNow I am taking the framework and the skills and going out and using them.  I have no doubt to my success, (and that’s not ego talk).  I have complete knowledge that the skills this self-directed  learning program has given me are effective as they are from within me.  We are all capable of doing anything, just not capable of doing everything,

The idea of service is quoted and talked to in almost every theology and doctrine there is, yet we resist this simple reality.  Dali Lama IF we all spent a little more time in the service of others and a little less time the the service of our own self indulgent behaviours, we would achieve far greater success.  

So I will let others always say it better: Maya Angelou


Give more – Get More, this is the epiphany that many have heard and so few understand.  Become truly Self – reliant and self-directed.  This does not take a large amount of effort, it actually take less effort than trying not to.

Have a listen to the video, as it truly expresses an simple fact that all of us are aware of, yet we forget to practice.  listen for it “…when you help others succeed, you yourself succeed…”


4 thoughts on “Week 24 – Service

  1. Chris

    Amazing post Chris. Being in service to others is truly rewarding. Rewarding for the people we help and rewarding for ourselves. The more we give the more we shall get. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  2. masterkeybrony

    Great Post Master Chris! Thanks! Definitely food for my thoughts…. to look into deeper and experience everyday… as I ask my self … “How can I serve others”, and also… what is it to serve others…. Is it the daily grind of handing over a pie when they choose and hand over the money… serving in that sense… also serving in … being the best you can be in the moment with an open heart …. so serving in giving of yourself that way… anyways…it is definitely food for my thoughts…. as being a creative being ..artist… I ask myself. ‘ how is doing what I do serving humanity’? That I’m still sitting with… on that note… off to my sit! Have a great week!


  3. Terrence G Neraasen

    Chris I’m thinking you intuitively gravitated to being of service to others. It’s awesome that you found a framework and philosophy (if you can call it that) in the MKE that solidifies your reality and encourages you to go forward. Great post.



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