About Chris

Husband to the greatest wife there is, (She made me say it…Gun to the head and everything).  Father to the best boys on the planet, (Only because I have yet to know someone from another planet, or they’d beat them too!)

As you can tell I’m a little loyal and very cheeky and I like to think when I’m applied I am driven.

I have had the opportunity to travel extensively as a youth, my father worked for the Airlines and this continued in my adult hood only with a slight twist.  “Go to new and interesting lands, (They said), meet new people; learn their customs….” at least thats how they sold it.  I joined the Military at the Ripe old age of 16, on the boy soldier program.  I stayed with this life, both Regular Army and Reserve for 25 years, (I left due to injuries suffered in an accident).  During my time of service I did get to travel many corners of the planet under the Canadian Flag and enjoyed a great many wonderful experiences.  I also served as a Peace Officer and turned that uniform in for the Pillows of the Firehall.  The same accident that created the need for me to retire from Military Service also caused my retirement from the Fire Service.  I guess I’ve been in various uniforms from Cub Scouts at 8 years old until only recently.  I find this really funny as I reflect, I really don’t do good with authority figures and people who tend to be tyrannical.  I however, enjoy the aspect of service; to my family, community, country and people in general.

“Pro Rege et Patria”


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